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Thoughts on the mission and power of Jesus Christ

Why do I blog?

As I have learned more about the Atonement of Jesus Christ over the years I have increasingly wondered at its awe.  Many of the lessons I have learned and insights I have gained have come to me during times of personal trial or crisis.  At times when all has seemed lost and hope has vanished a flash of inspiration has come to illuminate a scripture or principle in a new way.  These moments of new light have, at times, been what has kept me going.  Truly the Atonement of Jesus Christ has saved me in many ways and at many times.

I am a Mormon, but I hold no particular office of importance within the Church – and I never have done.  The things I write – the thoughts and feelings I express on this blog – are not official Church doctrine but rather my own views, which are based on my own life experiences, accompanied with study and prayer.  I make no claim to be “right” about what I say, but it is my hope that someone can find some benefit from a thought sometime, and I sincerely hope that any readers who have additional, or different, insight, will feel able to share those within their comments.

Ultimately, I believe wholeheartedly that Jesus Christ lives and that He has both the desire and the power to bless every individual, whoever and wherever they are.  This blog is my own way of showing my gratitude to Him for all He has given me, and a way to share some of the things of my soul, so that just maybe someone else can be blessed by our Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

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