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A Mother’s Love

MotherToday is Mother’s Day in the UK. In the LDS Church we place a high value on families, and I am fortunate to have been born to two loving parents, including a mother who has taught me patience and compassion, and who I always knew throughout my growing up years would always be there for me. I know that sadly not all children can say the same.  I don’t know why I was fortunate to have been born in such a loving family, but I am grateful nonetheless. Continue reading

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Seeing Colours and Feeling Pains

You may have heard of a condition called Synesthesia.  It’s been known about for some Coloured Numberstime and at its simplest level, is a mixing of the senses. The word comes from the Greek words “syn” (together) and “aesthesia” (sensation).  It is a conscious experience in which the stimulation of one of the senses results in the feeling of a different one. Continue reading