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A Poem for Blue Monday


Blue monday

Today is Blue Monday – in the UK statistically the most depressing day of the year.  The poem below briefly explores some of the reasons for this, and then explains our answer to those issues.

Happy Blue Monday!

Today is Blue Monday

And all through the nation,

The young and the old

Of all race and all station,


Are feeling quite down;

For the goals they had set

Less than 3 weeks ago

Are already not met


Their efforts to do

What they thought that they ought

Have ended in failure,

Achieving but nought.


The wet and the cold

Of the winter so strong,

With days that are short

And nights that are long;


The sun, its warm light,

Through winter evades,

And in its place, darkness

The daytime pervades.


The Christmas festivities

Full of good cheer,

Seem so long ago;

They’re already “last year”.


The peace of the season

No longer is felt.

The school of hard knocks

Is what life has us dealt.


Vacations are planned,

But to wait for so long

Adds to the feelings

That life is all wrong.


And to top it all off

The day of the week!

Blue MONDAY of course

Is what makes it so bleak.


But hang on a minute

Why feel quite so down?

It’s a DAY feeling low

Not a lifetime of frowns.


For one came before,

Descending ‘neath all;

His purpose in coming –

To redeem from the Fall.


Life’s briers and thistles

We all keenly feel,

But burdens are lightened

When His arm is revealed.


The peace of the season,

Not lost and forgotten;

Freshly renewed

Through the Only Begotten.


The darkness we feel

Through the long winter night;

But because of His grace

Life again will be bright.


Through failures we learn

We are powerless alone.

Success comes through Christ –

His blood does atone.


In darkness we learn

We’re not able to see

Without light from the One

Who once walked Galilee.


Past joys teach us value

Of family and friends.

He came so that joy

May return once again.


Blue Mondays will come,

But Blue Mondays will go;

For a Saviour we have.

He would have us all know


That He lives and He loves us,

And one day we’ll see;

But for now trust in Him

And you’ll comforted be.


By Jeffrey Collyer

Author: JeffC

I'm a 50-something bloke who lives in the northern hills of England. I write fiction (mostly fantasy), blog about religion and work in book publishing after a career in healthcare.

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