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Sacramental Altar

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Many Christian religions have rituals that remind us of Christ: His life, teachings and atonement.  Within the LDS Church, one of these is the Sacrament – a weekly partaking of bread and water, following the pattern of the Last Supper when He gave bread and wine to His disciples instructing them to remember Him.  In other Christian religions a similar ritual may occur, perhaps called Holy Communion, or something similar.  The Sacrament takes on such an important meaning for us that our main Sunday worship meeting is called “Sacrament Meeting”.

For many years, with a constant stream of small children on laps, at feet, and generally requiring attention, concentrating on the meaning and importance of the Sacrament during our Sunday worship meetings was something of an impossibility.  But now they are older, it can once again (usually) have the attention it deserves.

Sacramental Altar

An altar of wood,
Adorned with emblems
Clothed in white

Tokens of a sacrifice
Made long ago
And made anew

Unveiling the bread,
Bestower of life,
Are two Priests

Imperfect beings,
Enabled through His grace;
Representing His perfection

Hands breaking the loaf:
Willingly given;
Willingly broken

Symbol of His death,
Of His life,
Of graves’ captives set free

Sanctified through covenant,
Always remembering
And hearts willing

Broken bread
Now lying
Before me

My hand reaching;
My hand responsible
For His suffering

As I taste and swallow,
The Bread of Life
Makes me whole

Again the Priests kneel
As He once knelt
Before His Father

His blood;
This water

Blood shed for me:
For my sins,
For my sorrows

A drop of blood;
A drop of water;
A tear on my cheek

I reach for the cup,
As my soul
Reaches for His mercy

I feel the water
Through my body

I feel His love
Through my soul

I am renewed
By these emblems
From this altar of wood

By Jeffrey Collyer

Author: JeffC

I'm a 50-something bloke who lives in the northern hills of England. I write fiction (mostly fantasy), blog about religion and work in book publishing after a career in healthcare.

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