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Finding peace amongst turmoil

Depositphotos_2161899_xl-2015 (2)-compressedWhen I was in my teens, my Dad was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. I was born in Perth, Western Australia where we lived for many years – a city that has the unfortunate tag of “skin cancer capital of the world”. Melanoma has a high mortality rate if not caught early, but when caught early can usually be easily removed. Fortunately, Dad’s melanoma was caught early, his cancer was completely excised and he’s been fine since.

A few years ago, I noticed a mole I’d had on my arm since my youth had started to grow. My wife had long been telling me to get it checked, but my response was always the same, “I’ve had this mole for years. There’s nothing wrong with it.” But when the mole began to rise, peel off, and rise again, I became concerned and made an appointment with the GP. Continue reading


Developing Charity

The talks in our Church meetings today were on the subject of charity.  They were all excellent, and gave me the opportunity to again consider this important quality I need to better develop.  A couple of months ago I was asked to speak on this topic at Church too, and have posted that talk below.

CharityIt is interesting I think to note that “the Pure Love of Christ” could refer to the love which Christ shows for me (its ultimate expression being through the Atonement), the love which Christ shows to all people (which I need to attempt to emulate), and the love which Christ enables me to show to others (again through His atonement). Continue reading